"Crazy Hat Lady"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas  NFS  (Giclee available)

Self-Portrait-Sort of.../Acrylic Collage on Wood

 "The Cow's Happy Place"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas       

               "Collaboration #1 and #2"  |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"The Rose"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"We Didn't Start the Fire"   |   Collage on Canvas   SOLD  (Giclee available)

"Cats at Play"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas  SOLD  (Giclee available)

"What a Long Strange Trip"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Paper   SOLD

"Salem Soap Box Derby"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"My Modigliani"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"Restart"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Paper

"Close at Hand"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"Lovebirds"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"Playing in the Rain"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Paper   SOLD  (Giclee available)

"The Neighborhood"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"Faces"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Paper

"Bird at Hand"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas   SOLD

"Fairies in my Coffee"   |   Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

"Winds of Change" 

"Three Generations"

"Art and Soul Abstracts 1-5"


"You Are Here"       SOLD

"On the Farm"



SOLD   (Giclee available)

SOLD  (Giclee available)

"She Was Supposed To Be At Knitting Class"


"The Ride"

"She Dreams of Far Away Places"

"A Boy and His Dog Ponder the Tough Questions"

"Move, Fly, Dance"

"9 Silly Birds"

"To The Moon and Back"

"Every Wall is a Door"

"Artist Self-Portrait"  NFS

"Circle Series"