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I am an Artist,


Wife, Mother, Friend, Grandmother,

Homebody .

Somebody... who likes to play it by ear.

I cannot create with Music. It distracts me, I just want to sing. 

Quiet crazy creative artful meditative.

How do the pieces fit together? It's puzzling to me. 

Give me some paint and canvas, a few words, tears or laughter, 

Some glue and some nails and 

Broken bits of broken hearts

and hope ...

And I will do my best to fit the pieces back together, 

together for the first time 

Or randomly ,

To amuse you 

Or please me 

Or to comfort us .

Take the parts and try to make them into some kind of whole. 

As a child, I was happiest with a crayon in one hand and scissors in the other.  As an adult...well not much has changed! I am a mixed media, collage, and assemblage artist. Much of my inspiration comes from found treasures (which, coincidentally, is often true in my psychotherapy practice as well!).

That's what I strive to do.

I hope you enjoy my art.


I have shown/sold my work at the New Zone Gallery, Opus 5, the Jacobs Gallery, Maude Kerns, Springfield Museum, Springfield City Hall, the Sisters Quilt Show, and the Bedouin in Sister’s, Oregon, and local cafes and coffee shops.

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